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Bra review- Curvy Kate Daily Boost

Curvy Kate– Daily Boost bra

I have been really slack in reviewing this bra but really wanted to ensure we had seen it on enough bodies to justify a non biased review.

Part of me was excited when shown this new style as there is a distinct lack of moulded balcony style bras in larger cup sizes and at the same time I was disappointed with the colour options as I personally completely dislike lingerie in nude, beige, skin tone (or any other name you choose to give this colour) and I am also not a huge fan of any underwear considered plain and practical. I was completely traumatised as a youngster being “made” to wear bras described above. It wasn’t that someone was being cruel to me- just that they were the only options available to me!

However I concede that on occasion sometimes we need a practical bra. Because I have never had a Tshirt bra previously I was incredibly curious when it arrived in store and I quickly popped into the changing room to see what wonderful things daily boost was going to do for my bust!

The colour looked as ugly on the body as I expected but that’s just my issue (we didn’t order this in white- another colour I dislike but we are looking forward to August deliveries of this in black).

The band was tight(er) than I would feel comfortable wearing it (I wear my bands very firm as I am a HH cup) and the cup was a small fit on me also (I needed a full cup up from what I normally wear) but I did wonder if a half cup would have been enough as I felt that once the foam had “worn in” a bit that I would have filled the bottom of the bra a bit better?

I did like the balcony shape as it’s a lower cut without being the plunge cut of Freya Deco (one of the top selling moulded bras on the market). The balconette shape and soft lined cups make this a much better option for me than the Deco.

This bra is great for nipple conscious women.

I didn’t feel that I was going to “fall out”, in fact I felt quite secure which is always a good thing when you are this size 🙂 and my boobs were not under my armpits (east/west) which I have experienced with other moulded bra’s by some other suppliers. Whew! And…. no lines under my fitted top (something I have just lived with for far too many years).

The fabric is amazing on the body (a spongy foam that  cradles your bust and doesn’t feel to hot to wear as some moulded bras can), based on this I summarise: the comfort factor is above average, the style is great, the colours are yuk and the fit is below average.

 The nude bra has a white trim and is also available to order in white with a nude trim (Bravista- Lingerie & Swimwear does not have this as a stock line in store).  There are also coordinating briefs available.

Customers ask us if this a moulded cup. We say no as we feel a moulded cup is a completely smooth cup with no stitching/seams and as you can see in the picture attached there is stitching in the cup. The soon to be released Curvy Kate Smoothie bra will be Curvy Kates first moulded cup bra

I am getting excited about Curvy Kates Smoothie…hoping this is the ONE we have all been waiting for?! We have just had the samples in store and Alesha reports this as being a great bra so we are very excited to be ordering this in a stunning HOT pink colour also.

So after hating nude and white bras for so long the Curvy Kate Daily Boost bra has gone a long way to change my mind. I am however really holding out for the black colour up 🙂


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